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Sitting behind the counter of a gas station

It's past midnight, the moon is about full and I want a beer

I'll settle for a smoke


When there's a lull between cars headed down the PCH

Waves can be heard crashing on the beach

Five days


Five days of trains and busses

Hours and miles walked (but no more than usual)

I camped in Santa Cruz

Almost got jumped in King City

And slept again in Pismo

Five more days in Socal

Bushwacking, free climbing, and wading down creeks

Tonight a hundred frogs keep me company

In the morning, libations and rituals I anticipate appeased

One long day (2017)



Morning found me in a swamp

Sleeping in the reeds

Wrapped in sleeping bag, tarp and wine dreams


I walk across golden hillsides and abandoned rail lines

My spirits rise and crash again like waves against the rocks

Skeletal remains of a donkey inhabit an unnamed ditch

A snake crosses the trail

Eagles circle above

My legs are tired


Night brought woods and a knife waving near my eye

But no fear, only deep sleep and an early morning

Lights from the city (Portland, Oregon)


It's cold in the hills,

down below frost lines the streets,

up here the cold air reminds me of Han Shan and Riprap.

When the sun comes up I'll have to trudge down to work anyways.


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